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“中欧城市森林应对方案”和“重塑绿色”跨项目“城市与自然共生”研讨会 (½) CLEARING HOUSE-REGREEN – Urban by Nature China Webinar (½)
The first UrbanByNature (UbN) webinar co-organised by REGREEN and CLEARING HOUSE projects will provide insights into the ecosystem restoration and the ecosystem services of forests and street trees in urban areas of China. Speakers will share their experience in working collectively on initiatives that highlight benefits of forests and street trees in physical and mental health. They will highlight the restorative and cooling capacity of the urban forests and trees and will showcase initiatives applied in practice to improve urban living and address urban development challenges with urban nature.
第一期由“重塑绿色”项目(REGREEN)和“中欧城市森林应对方案”项目(CLEARING HOUSE)共同组织的“城市与自然共生”培训,将引领大家深入探讨在中国实践中生态系统修复,城市林地和行道树提供的生态系统服务两个主题。 发言人将分享他们在项目协作中的经验,强调森林和树木对身心健康的益处。同时,该分享还将着重展示城市森林和树木的恢复和对城市的降温效应,呈现如何通过实践探索,以改善城市人居环境,并运用自然应对城市发展中所面对的挑战。

Jun 21, 2022 03:30 PM in Beijing, Shanghai

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