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Innovate Hydropower
Join our free Innovate Hydropower webinar on 1 December 2022 at 16:00 - 17:20 GMT to discover innovations that are boosting hydropower development, improving energy security and making a real difference to advancing decarbonisation. Chaired by AFRY, the webinar will feature presentations from 3 innovators followed by a Q&A.

About the presenters:

Natel Energy:
This California-based company is creating climate-resilient hydropower using river restoration techniques, fish-safe hydro turbines, and the most accurate AI-powered hydro forecasting tools available.

Sunshine Hydropower:
This Australian company is focused on creating renewable infrastructure projects (super hybrids). Their AI Software (AESOP) improves production efficiencies and ROR on pumped storage hydropower assets.

Sweetch Energy:
This France-based company has specialised in osmotic energy and developed the game changing INOD® technology, the only solution in the world that can continuously convert saltwater into clean electricity at a competitive price.

Dec 1, 2022 04:00 PM in London

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