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Handling Difficult Conversations
As we know, Covid-19 greatly impacted the tourism industry. Navigating guest experiences in these new circumstances can prove to be challenging. Difficult conversations are inevitable but if conducted properly they will lead to reduced stress, improved relationships, and satisfactory solutions. Learn techniques and gain tools on how to identify resistance, respond to difficult situations, and reach resolution effectively and independently.

Mar 21, 2023 12:00 PM in Saskatchewan

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Rachel Glover
@STEM Consulting
Rachel Glover is a dynamic advocate for at-risk or marginalized communities and an experienced trainer and educator for public and private sector organizations specialized in the area of communication, diversity, inclusivity, respect in the workplace, sexuality, and other related topics. Rachel has the ability to facilitate difficult content/conversations in a comfortable way allowing participants to understand and interact with the information. As a result, she creates an environment of high engagement which often results in a shift in mindset and greater retention of the information delivered.