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Dynamic Decisions Part II: PIVOT and BOUnCE towards decarbonisation
The webinar will follow the conversation between Dr. Ricardo G Barcelona, author of Dynamic Decisions, and Navozyme's Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Anjan Borwankar, on the topic of decarbonisation.

Dynamic Decisions highlights how some managers and policymakers sleepwalk into decision paralysis. Strategically, they partly recognise their world is changing radically as energy systems transition. In deciding what to invest in, they default to rewarding the predictable and proven, often misdiagnosing the ignored risks of innately ambiguous markets.

To remedy this, Dr. Ricardo frames ambiguity as a source of opportunity. As extant advantages obsolesce, new entrants could disrupt to gain dominance. Some managers could repurpose, reframe, and reconfigure their resources and processes to create tomorrow's profitable niches today. To profit from these emerging business landscapes, managers can PIVOT and BOUnCE to win by transitioning into a dynamic mindset. Endowed with a creative mind to innovate, humans could reshape their firms and their societies. Armed with these capabilities, albeit partial, managers could choose to adapt responsive strategic actions that are tangible, actionable, and achievable, with policy sustaining societal benefits by expanding people's access to opportunities.

Aug 30, 2022 11:00 AM in Paris

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Dr Ricardo G Barcelona
Energy Investments / Author / Adviser
Dr Ricardo G Barcelona is author of two ground-breaking books on energy: Dynamic Decisions: Energy PIVOT, Adaptive Moves, Winning BOUnCE, published by World Scientific Publishing, London (2022); and Energy Investments: An adaptive approach to profiting from uncertainties, published by Palgrave Macmillan, London (2017). He obtained his PhD in Management from King’s College London, United Kingdom. His research focuses on energy and investment decisions under uncertainty, combining academic rigour and senior leadership experiences at Royal Dutch Shell, Netherlands and London, to extract strategic insights from his works. As an investment banker in London, he was consistently voted top rated equity analyst and adviser for European utilities whilst at SBC Warburg and ABN AMRO/Rothschild.
Anjaney Borwankar
Co-Founder and Chief Executive @Navozyme
Anjaney Borwankar (Anjan) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Navozyme, a Singapore headquartered technology company dedicated to enhancing lives in the maritime sector via blockchain-enabled platforms. Navozyme is leading transformative blockchain pilots in Europe and Asia. Anjan is an entrepreneur and a seasoned business executive with over two decades of management experience with prestigious global organizations such as McKinsey & Company, A.P.Moller (Maersk) and IESE Business School. He is a thought leader on Digital Transformation and Blockchain and a regular speaker at leading conferences worldwide. Anjan has a Blockchain Strategy and FinTech Certification from Oxford University (Said Business School), an MBA from IESE Business School, and was the runner's up prize winner for the President of India's gold medal at T.S.Rajendra-Chanakya, University of Mumbai, where he studied for his Bachelor of Science in Nautical Studies.