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Meeting LEO Satellite Systems development challenges with simulation technology
As the need for internet communications and connectivity increase in the everyday activities of the government, military, commercial and personal interactions, satellite communication systems are the key to the future growth. The combination of the elements from legacy cellular networks and new wireless technologies are creating opportunities to provide universal broadband mobility via new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite networks, ground station and terminals, as well as, development challenges. LEO satellite constellations, ground station and terminal system developers are facing major challenges in testing their systems and their operations to ensure successful operation, communication and security. Simulation technology has provided a solution to these challenges that can save time, lower costs, provide metrics and performance. Attend this webinar to watch a Wind River expert provide a live demonstration of simulation technology.
· Using Simics, a full-system simulator, to launch a fully managed virtual platform and boot a complete OS in under 1 min
· Develop a custom control script to interact with virtual platform autonomously
· Build and dynamically integrate a bespoke device model into the running simulation

Confirmed Speaker:
· Dr. James Hui, Product Manager for Systems Simulation, Wind River

Sponsored by:
Wind River

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