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PUK Back to School Summer Camp
This camp is designed to introduce 9-12 year olds to internet safety and digital citizenship. The goal is for participants to walk away with an understanding of how to engage in the newly amplified digital world in a way that allows safe participation.

Knowing that it is an essential part of today’s socialization for kids to be online and that it is impossible to completely remove risk; we aim to educate kids to recognize signs and be prepared to protect themselves and their peers.

This camp will take place over several days allowing participants and facilitators to build trust and comfort as topics become more sensitive. Each day we will: share information about the topic, participate in an activity to reinforce information, and share and practice tips for the real world (to prepare kids for what to do when it happens).

You can learn more about Protect Us Kids at our website https://www.protect-us-kids.org.

Day 1- August 7th
Topic: Smartphones, apps, and online games
Kids will learn about how to use apps and online games in a way that ensures their safety and privacy.

Day 2- August 14th
Topic: Social media
Kids will learn about social media security settings, how to manage accounts safely, and appropriate behaviors.

Day 3- August 21st
Topic: Cyberbullying
We will define cyberbullying and discuss its impacts. Kids will learn how to recognize cyberbullying and respond to it by seeking supports and supporting each other.

Day 4 - August 28th
Topic: Online enticement
We will teach what is/isn’t appropriate when engaging online. Kids will learn to expect respect and set boundaries when online and how to remove themselves from uncomfortable/unsafe situations.
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