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Fuji Techno Flow Chemistry Webinar: Continuous Flow Chemistry - R&D to Implementation
SelectBIO is organizing and is pleased to welcome you to a Flow Chemistry Webinar Sponsored by Fuji Techno Industries Corporation.

The focus of this webinar will be to illustrate the approaches companies are taking in order to utilize continuous flow chemistry from a research tool all the way through to manufacturing.

The following topics are addressed:

1. What is flow chemistry & when should you use it?
2. Types of equipment – it is not all about the reactor!
3. Pumps required for the scale up
4. Lab to production examples in fine, specialty &
pharmaceutical chemistry
5. Current regulatory perspective
6. Opportunities for supply chain security

This will be a live webinar followed-up by a live Questions & Answer Session and the webinar attendees are welcomed to ask questions and engage with the webinar speakers.
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