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Complimentary Webinar/Q&A - Learn about the Holistic Health & Wellness Coach Program
Looking for a rewarding, life-changing career?

You are invited to our complimentary webinar to learn more about our Holistic Health & Wellness Coach program (HHWC), an online diploma program consisting of 755 hours that can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Health and wellness coaches direct people to discover the why behind their health changes, empower them to learn more about their minds and bodies, and utilize their foundational knowledge of health and wellness to guide their clients into living healthier lives. For example, within this program, you will learn how to utilize behavioral change techniques to help your clients achieve their goals. The health industry NEEDS health and wellness coaches. There are many out there suffering from chronic illnesses who need help making changes in their lives to improve their overall health. To paint a clearer picture, according to the CDC, six in ten Americans have a chronic disease and four in ten have multiple. With chronic disease as the number one cause of death in America, Health and Wellness Coaches are needed more than ever before.

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