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SaaS Strategies to Achieve a 51% RFP Win Rate
The average RFP win rate is 46% among software companies—but there's gaps concealed among this norm.

A third of those teams are sweeping the competition, winning more than half the RFPs they bid on (51% or higher). So, what are top SaaS companies do differently to rise to the top?

Attend this webinar to learn the habits of these highly successful RFP teams, based on original data from 811 organizations.

Learning Objectives:

● Learn RFP win rates specific to SaaS companies
● Benchmark your RFP team's performance against small, medium, and large orgs
● Understand the strategies (and habits) that top-performing teams use to win more bids

Join James Breen Director of Commercial Sales and Amy-Louise Tracy of Loopio to learn how you can improve your RFP Win Rate!


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