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A Simplified Testing Solution for Bluetooth Headphones
Overcoming the problems of consistency and accuracy in a volume production requires scalability, and leads to many challenges. Most factories do not have the expertise in-house to build a complete system to measure a product reliably and consistently. Translating design targets determined during R&D and specified by a brand directly to mass production is not easy to do. Cost considerations, environmental variations in the production line, and many other factors, all need to be evaluated. This discussion will address the benefits to outsourcing this solution as it relates to Bluetooth headphones.

In this presentation, two experts in production line testing of audio products discuss why you should be outsourcing your test system to experts in this field.

Simon Weston holds a Masters degree in acoustics and vibration and has a career in the audio product space. Following 10 years in China developing headphones and speakers, Simon is now based in Japan running ZUMI Systems, a manufacturer of test and measurement solutions.

Geoff Hill, inventor of the Tetrahedral Test Chamber (TTC) and CTO at Hill Acoustics, has been working in the loudspeaker and audio industry for more than 40 years. He is Chair of the AES SC-04-03 Working Group on loudspeaker modeling and measurement and a member on the IEC Working Group TC 100/TA 20/PT 60268-22. He is also the author of "Loudspeaker Modelling: A Practical Introduction."

During the session both experts will detail an example of a new Polar Test Chamber adapted for headphone tuning and ANC evaluation, fitted with a ZUMI Systems HP70 testing unit. The general concept around the measurement and QC of Bluetooth devices and the challenges of doing that in a production environment will be discussed.

Apr 5, 2023 09:00 AM in Arizona

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