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APEX for DBAs: What Every DBA Must Know
DBAs need to know the essentials of how to install and manage Oracle APEX (Application Express). This session does a deep dive into installing and upgrading APEX and identifying/applying critical patches. ORDS went through a surgical uplift earlier in 2022, which is a critical component of APEX. In this session, we will discuss options for middle tier application server deployments and how to install and configure the latest and greatest Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS).

These are the session highlights:

1) Java is a required component for ORDS and Tomcat. Attendees will learn:
- how to install the non license-able Java Development Kit (JDK)
- how to download and install Tomcat.
- how to configure Tomcat to work alongside with ORDS

2) With each database release, there is a minimum APEX schema version. As we upgrade Oracle databases, we need to be cognitive of the required APEX version associated with each major release. We will expose the minimum APEX schema releases relative to Oracle Database 12.1/18c/19c/21c.

3) With every database and application, performance and response times are critical to the end user experience. Session attendees will learn how to enable debug mode within APEX and to monitor APEX applications.

4) Application security is a must in modern applications. We will discuss ways to:
- Secure APEX with reverse proxy external access
- Configure load balancing for scalability
- Limit ports with firewalls
- Setup up SSL certificates

Lastly, Cloud is the buzz word that every executive manager wants. We will discuss Oracle Cloud options for deploying APEX Cloud Service with database services. Learn what the latest trend is and how customers are deploying APEX in the cloud. Please join us!
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