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Barry Winbolt and Deborah Fairfull, Managing Stress and Building Resilience Masterclass, Time: 18 May 2022  9.30am UK; 6.30pm, Sydney Australia.
Managing Stress and Building Resilience Masterclass
May Masterclass with Blisspot expert Barry Winbolt, psychologist, therapist and author.

In this one-hour conversation with Barry Winbolt, he’ll be sharing what he has learned in the 30 years since he qualified in Stress Management.

Barry teaches that life is a constant balancing act between daily pressures and our ability to cope with them. A certain amount of stress is natural and acceptable, but it becomes harmful and counter-productive when life’s demands are excessive or constant, and beyond our ability to cope.

We’ll talk about practical steps for managing stress in your daily life, and how a small shift in thinking and daily routines can quickly begin to build greater personal resilience.

In this free masterclass we will discuss:
• Identifying & managing stress
• Recognising the symptoms of stress in yourself
• How to instantly understand your own level of stress
• Understanding your existing strengths & resources
• Discover the lifestyle aspects which help protect against stress
• Find out how to tackle day-to-day stress
• Guidance to help combat chronic/ongoing stress
• What is meant by ‘resilience’ & the main factors that contribute
• Daily habits that protect you from stress & build resilience
• Practical exercises to manage stress.

This is for you if:
• You are interested in developing your resilience to stress
• You are kept busy juggling job, family, & other demands
• You want to be more of yourself
• Stress has you feeling you can't cope
• Your relationship is suffering because you are unavailable
• You manage, coach or support others who are under pressure
• You feel unable to control your increasing workload
• You never have time for your own needs

About Barry Winbolt
Barry Winbolt MSc. is a psychologist, therapist, and author dedicated to enabling people to ‘get a better handle on life.’

Barry has more than 30 years experience of advising and training people and consulting organizations on how to improve their lives.


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