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CIK Talk - Ottoman Decline and Muslim Collective Amnesia
CIK Talks is a platform for noted Muslim intellectuals and thought leaders to address critical issues facing the Ummah and ideas shaping the modern world.


Ottoman Decline and Muslim Collective Amnesia
​Sunday, November 21st at 12 PM EST (16 Rabi Al-Akhar)

​Presented by: Dr. Yakoob Ahmed (Istanbul University)

The Ottoman state was the last Islamic Caliphate that brought diverse Muslims together under one banner at its height. Yet, for a state that dominated world politics and created a unique order in the world, very little of its details are studied and understood by Muslims. The Ottoman dynasty, which emerged as a small beylik in Asia Minor after the conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul) in the fifteenth century, became a major world power that not only shaped West Asia but Europe as well. By the sixteenth century, it became a Caliphate which in this period was known as a ‘golden age’ of Ottoman history. However, by the eighteenth century, it was depicted as a dynasty in decline. By the nineteenth century, it was presented as the ‘sick man of Europe’ that finally was abolished in 1342/1924. The successor state became known as the Turkish Republic. Much of what has been written regarding Ottoman history has been shaped by ideology, narrative, and language either within academia or by the nation-states that emerged from the Ottoman domains.

In this CIK Talk inspired by a paper published by the Yaqeen Institute, Dr. Yakoob Ahmed will argue that "Collective Amnesia" was deliberately devised to consolidate the modern nation-state and will explore why it is critical for Muslims to be more invested in the study of Islamic history, especially Ottoman history in order to reclaim our own history and develop a roadmap to forge a better future for the Ummah.

Nov 21, 2021 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Dr. Yakoob Ahmed
Faculty Member @Istanbul University
Dr. Yakoob Ahmed is a graduate from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, where he completed his Ph.D. in Late Ottoman history with a focus on Ottoman Constitutionalism and the role of the Ottoman ulema. He is currently a staff member at Istanbul University’s ilahiyat (theology) faculty, where he specializes in teaching Islamic history, Ottoman history, Islamic civilization and modern Islamic thought. Dr. Yakoob is a regular columnist for TRT World and also has guest-appeared in a host of podcasts and written for various academic and Muslim intellectual platforms. His interests include late Ottoman history, the history of nationalism and the nation-state in the Muslim world, collective memory construction, Islamic studies and Turkish politics.