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Bay Area Resilient Libraries Network Informational Workshop
Learn about the Resilient Libraries Network initiative timeline, benefits of participating and the application process.

The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) is launching a new initiative designed to develop a network of energy efficient and resilient local libraries that can also function as Community Resilience Centers (CRCs) to deliver resources before, during and/or after a natural hazard related events based on local needs.

For more information on the Resilient Libraries Network initiative timeline, benefits of participation and pre-application support: https://www.bayren.org/addressing-existing-buildings/bay-area-resilient-libraries-network-initiative

Benefits of Participation:
• Join a network of Bay Area libraries working to improve community resilience based on local needs.
• Community engagement and facilitation support and to develop community driven goals for your Community Resilience Center.
• Receive free engineering technical assistance and recommendations to identify energy upgrades needed to improve your library building's efficiency, resilience, and ability to provide cooling and clean air.
• Work directly with resilience funding and finance experts to identify relevant funding sources to support your Community Resilience Center and implement recommended energy upgrades.


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