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Fermentis Academy 2022 for Winemakers: Simplify the use of yeast with direct pitching E2UTM yeast
In a winemaking world facing workers shortage, time and energy constraint, it has been said that winemakers hold fast to tradition when it comes to their tried-and-true oenological practices, especially when it comes to time-consuming yeast inoculation process. But imagine yeasts that do not require rehydration and acclimatization prior to (direct) pitching, providing winemakers with maximum performance and flexibility during the characteristically hectic days of harvest without compromising on fermentation and wine quality.
In this presentation, Fermentis will guide winemakers toward an easier way to use (E2UTM) easy-to-use active dry yeast: from by-passing acclimatization to by-passing rehydration and directly inoculate into the must. We will give practical information on how to implement it best in wineries and present R&D results and field trials displaying different inoculation practices in different regions and wine styles and their impact on yeast population and viability, fermentation performances and resulting sensory analysis of the wines. Finally, we will assess the different benefits of simplifying yeast practices from direct economic and resources saving to time saving and potential bioprotection benefits associated with direct pitching earlier in the pre-fermentation stages.


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