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Macmillan Czechia & Slovakia: All senses on board! How to teach mixed-ability classes of YLs. - Malgorzata Mroz
In this session, I will present and discuss a lot of classroom activities which respond to different skills, diverse backgrounds, and unique learning needs of your young students. I’ll share my best tips on how to use visual aids, movement and music, to engage your kids in the learning process, support their performance and keep all of them engaged, making teaching large varied classes a lot easier to teach.

About the speaker:
Malgorzata Mroz has been teaching English for over 13 years now. She obtained her CELTA qualification in 2014 and since then she has been developing her skills not only as a teacher but also a teacher trainer by taking part in Erasmus Plus programmes for teachers at NILE centre in the UK where she was studying teacher training techniques and ICT methods. Małgorzata has worked with all age groups, from primary to adult, teaching both general.

About the course:
During the webinar we will be presenting a new course from Macmillan for grades 1 and 2. Bugs World is a highly flexible English language course for students in grades 1-3 of primary school. The colourful world of friendly creatures will fascinate little learners, while teachers will enjoy the satisfaction and joy of teaching English.
With Bugs World, lessons will turn into an adventure full of excitement and surprises, during which children will discover the world around them while developing their knowledge and language skills.

Apr 19, 2023 05:15 PM in Prague Bratislava

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