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Epsilon3 is running a free, live demo of their web-based platform for space engineers and operators who need to create, process, and track complex procedures
Epsilon3 is a California-based space software company that creates tools to better communicate and manage operational procedures.

The platform helps to reduce errors through intelligent error checking and automation, and enables users to increase performance over time with detailed metrics and reports.

In addition, Epsilon3's software helps to streamline communication and enables teams to create, revise, and track procedures with mission-critical data collaboratively; in one place and in a standardized manner.

Key features of this solution include:
- Interactive, real-time, synchronized procedures for multiple programs/missions
- Support for the entire lifecycle of a project, from integration and testing, through live operations
- Embedded release process including approvals, edits, in-line feedback, and track changes between revisions
- Query-able database of as-run procedures
- Manual and automated procedure views and capabilities
- Integrated telemetry, command and control, and mission data
- Detailed analytics, reports, and dashboards

During this demo, Epsilon3 will highlight two specific case studies as examples:
1. The use of their platform to test procedures for a new piece of space hardware
2. Use of their software for operations planning and execution of a delta-v maneuver for a satellite

The Epsilon3 team includes engineering and design professionals with prior experience at Northrop Grumman, Google, and SpaceX, and with first-hand, operational management of sending American astronauts to the ISS.

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