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BoB/Teaching: An innovative tool for teaching biomechanics at undergraduate and Masters level
Join us on Wednesday, February 2nd for a live presentation and Q&A on the solutions offered by #ViconPowered BoB (Biomechanics of Bodies) from the BoB team, hosted by Vicon Senior Life Sciences Product Manager, Dr. Kim Duffy.

BoB Biomechanics provides a self-directed learning environment where the student is encouraged to enquire, investigate and gain a deep understanding of many biomechanical principles. The software has a very short learning curve and requires minimal supervision.

This webinar will focus on the use of BoB/Teaching; an interactive biomechanical analysis environment where the student can explore and experiment with a broad range of kinematic and kinetic examples. This will guide students through subjects including simplistic movements, statics, inverse dynamics, motion capture, musculoskeletal analysis, joint torques, energy expenditure and joint contact forces. Applications include daily activities, sports, manual handling and product development.

The webinar is suitable for teachers of biomechanics at undergraduate and Masters levels, teaching laboratory staff and institutions who are considering purchasing motion capture equipment.
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