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Fireside Chat: Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (NYSEAMERICAN: OPTT) President and CEO Philipp Stratmann
On Friday, December 16, 2022, at 2:00 pm ET, we will host Ocean Power Technologies President and CEO Philipp Stratmann for a fireside chat. Topics will include:

• A general overview of the company’s history and evolution.
• A primer on the company’s technology and product and service offerings.
• Key target end markets and emerging applications.
• The focus on building a reoccurring revenue model.
• A review of milestones and strategic growth initiatives.


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About Ocean Power
Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. ("OPT") offers products and consulting services for ocean data collection and reporting, maritime power, offshore communications, and Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA). Its PowerBuoys system generates clean electricity independent of the grid in offshore sites. OPT offers Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel (WAM-V) technology, which enables roaming capabilities for uncrewed maritime systems in waters. The company also provides subsea battery systems, strategic consulting services, software, controls, sensors, and marine installation services. From 1994 until 2015, OPT's business centered on delivering grid-connected wave power. After that, the company shifted its emphasis to autonomous power that is not connected to the grid. The company asserts that its products emit no carbon during operation, pose no substantial danger to marine life, and produce no contaminants; as a result, its environmental impact is minimal.

OPT has delivered products and services to a wide array of customers, including those in government and military, offshore energy, oil and gas, construction, wind power, and other industries in need of offshore power solutions. OPT indirectly contributes to the transition towards clean energy. As a result, the US Department of Energy chose the company to develop the next generation of wave energy conversion systems. The company was incorporated in 1984, began commercial operations in 1994, and is headquartered in Monroe Township, New Jersey.

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Philipp Stratmann, Eng.D.
President, Chief Executive Officer @Ocean Power Technologies, Inc.
Shawn Severson
President & Co-Founder @Water Tower Research LLC