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5G monetization: OTT vs Telco - How to build ecosystems of the future?
Telco and Over-the-top-players (OTT) have always been in a complex relationship. The way telecommunications companies react to over-the-top (OTT) content and communications are the key to their continued relevance and revenue growth especially in a 5G world. Working with OTT providers proves to be very successful. Instead of investing in their own content creation, partnerships grant telcos access to libraries of extensive content. This approach isn't just easier in terms of content creation, it also can boost customer satisfaction and offer wider content choices.

Telcos are realizing the benefits of building partnerships to capture more subscribers and expand revenue streams from existing subscribers. These partnerships have continued to gain strength and a deeper level of partnering has emerged in terms of product offerings, addressing not only mobile broadband bundling but also new value-added services, payment channels and video content offerings including local content.

The upcoming debate will be focusing on key areas of monetization especially in 5G through optimization of OTT and telco partnerships and opportunities. The session will be separated into 3 different topics including industry leaders from telco and OTT world:
• Leveraging Customer data to personalise interactions and build loyalty
• Bringing product and partner ecosystems to extract the full value and maximize 5G revenues
• Enriching the telco ecosystems with payments and fintech services


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