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Next Generation Estate Planning Solutions
Virtual Assistants, Virtual Paralegals and New Revenue Sources for Estate Attorneys


Nov 18, 2021 04:01 PM

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Rilus Dana
Founder Maat Legal, LLC @www.maatlegal.com
Rilus Dana is a second-generation estate planner, he has firsthand experience with everything from working as a law clerk and junior associate to starting and running his own law firm. Upon starting his law firm, Dana and Associates, Rilus discovered the challenges attorneys face with all of the “business stuff”. He wanted simple, effective systems and processes that were efficient for him and his team, yet easy for his clients. He wanted to spend more time focused on meeting with clients and practicing law to solve their problems, and less time on the business. So, Rilus searched for a law firm practice management company that resonated with his style of practice and core values. While this is a common offering for dental or medical practices, there were few to choose from for managing a law practice. He found their approach was outdated and based on a dying law firm model.