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cloudy_CHARLES: the onboard app for your EO mission that sifts out low-quality data
A live demo of how onboard cloud detection improves remote sensing missions.

On average, clouds cover 60% to 70% of the Earth’s surface. The evaluation of the presence of clouds in a frame typically occurs on the ground after the data are downlinked to Earth.

In the vast majority of applications clouds do not provide useful information, and their presence leads to the discharge of a significant amount of image data.

This means that the ratio of high-quality data to total data diminishes and GigaBytes of downlink bandwidth can be wasted, along with all the extra costs that this implies.

In this live demo, Paolo Madonia, Product Manager of AIKO, will explain how cloudy_CHARLES, AIKO’s onboard software application for cloud detection, addresses this issue - and shows how its use can lead to cost reductions in downlinking and data analysis processes.

AIKO is an Italian company delivering Artificial Intelligence-based software products to the aerospace and space industry. Its product ecosystem features software tools that enable spacecraft autonomy, onboard data processing, and smart ground systems.

Alongside its product line, AIKO also works on various R&D projects, collaborating with the European Space Agency (ESA), national space agencies, institutions, and other major players in the space industry.

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