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White Benevolence Virtual Launch with Amanda Gebhard, Sheelah McLean and Verna St. Denis
Join editors Amanda Gebhard, Sheelah McLean and Verna St. Denis and a panel of contributors for the virtual launch of White Benevolence: Racism and Colonial Violence in the Helping Professions (Fernwood Publishing). The event will be moderated by Dr. Raven Sinclair.

When working with Indigenous people, the helping professions —education, social work, health care and justice — reinforce the colonial lie that Indigenous people need saving. In White Benevolence, leading anti-racism scholars reveal the ways in which white settlers working in these institutions shape, defend and uphold institutional racism, even while professing to support Indigenous people. In this uncompromising and essential collection, the authors argue that white settler social workers, educators, health-care practitioners and criminal justice workers have a responsibility to understand the colonial history of their professions and their complicity in ongoing violence, be it over-policing, school push-out, child apprehension or denial of health care. The answer isn’t cultural awareness training. What’s needed is radical anti-racism, solidarity and a relinquishing of the power of white supremacy.

May 31, 2022 07:00 PM in Saskatchewan

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