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The Web of Meaning: Jeremy Lent and Felicity Eliot in conversation
The Web of Meaning – the right book at the right time! And its author, Jeremy Lent, is the right man, a seer and an integrator, whose voice must be heard now in our challenging times.

Why ‘integrator’? In "The Web of Meaning – Integrating Science and Traditional Wisdom to find our place in the universe", Jeremy Lent has taken stock of our fragmented, outdated definition of reality and in a wonderfully synthesizing new approach he presents a worldview of deep interconnectedness.

Lent doesn’t hold back; he tackles the big questions and brings together wisdom culled from many sources, from the ancient to the modern and scientific, and succeeds in integrating them to guide us to ‘finding our place in the universe’.

Share International, too, sees the universe as one whole, the expression of a consciousness, a great Life in which all life forms have their unique role. Our information is that humanity is waking up, particularly now at the beginning of a new cycle, to a new definition of itself, its purpose, and its real nature as part of this synthesizing whole. We are delighted to invite Jeremy Lent to join us at the beginning of a new series of webinars: “Share International in conversation with…”

17.30 UTC, 10.30am PDT, 1.30pm EDT, 6.30pm BST, 19.30 CEST
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