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Working with volunteers on private land - How to get started?
"Working with volunteers on private land - How to get started?" is the theme of our first webinar as volunteering and citizen science working group. We will host this two-part event on the 9th and 10th of November 2021 from 9:30 until 13:00 CET. This webinar will address the involvement of volunteers to provide private land conservation. Presentations will focus on past experiences, opportunities, testimonials and lessons learnt.
We hope to start a fruitful conversation between landowners and NGO's addressing the volunteering topic, and come out with practical solutions.
The webinar is being organised under the LIFE ENPLC project. We strive to advance private land conservation in Europe. Under this shared vision, our project brings together European networks of private landowners and nature conservation organisations to expand private land conservation tools, improve financial incentives, increase awareness, share knowledge, and foster citizen engagement in nature conservation on private land.

First panel - Volunteering for nature conservation - Where do we stand? Outcomes and lessons learnt from:
- The LIFE Platform Meeting "Volunteering for nature conservation" - Inga Racinska, LFN
- LIFE Followers - Pablo de la Nava, Birdlife
- LIFE Volunteer Escapes - Margarida Silva, MONTIS

Second panel - Challenges for volunteering on Private Land
- Challenges for landowners
- LIFE ELCN - Crowdsourcing for Private Land Conservation - Jóni Vieira, MONTIS
- LIFE ENPLC - Civic engagement for Private Land Conservation: work and goals - Tilmann Disselhoff, NABU

Third panel - Volunteers and landowners for private land conservation
- Testimonials from volunteers and landowners working for nature conservation

Fourth panel -Success stories and projects
- Volunteering for Natuurpunt -Daan Dekeukeleire, Natuurpunt
- Conservation Holidays - Kadri Aller - Estonian Fund For Nature
- Citizen science programme to collect wildlife data with hunters - Miguel Capelo, ANPC
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