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Advancing the Circular Economy and Creating a Circular Supply Chain in the Foam Market via Collaboration
The increasing intensity of economic human activity has resulted in a number of concerning ecological developments, such as climate change and environmental pollution. Consequently, societies and industries around the world need to start an urgent transformational process towards sustainable growth and circular economy. At Covestro, our vision is to be fully circular. As part of our circularity journey, it is imperative that we collaborate with value chain partners to address capability gaps. The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) is building the infrastructure to enable circularity and develop technologies that can uncover new approaches to create circularity.
Points to be discussed:
•Demonstrating how Covestro and MRC (Mattress Recycling Council) are implementing end-of-life management strategy
•Exploring product lifecycle planning from the design phase to recycling to End of Life management
•Emphasising the importance of collaboration and innovation for successful circular economy implementation

Expert speakers:
•Tim Thiel, Sustainability & Public Affairs, North America, Covestro
•Michael T. Gallagher, Director of Research and Innovation, Mattress Recycling Council

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