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COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach
Physicians interested in learning more about the new financial supports and community outreach initiatives should join our webinar.

The webinar will include an update on COVID immunization progress and information about the new remuneration and funding support for physicians. It will also include an overview of the community outreach initiative and the latest from vaccine hesitancy research, including practical strategies for addressing vaccine hesitancy.

The expert panel will include:
- Dr. Joss Reimer, Medical Lead with the provincial Vaccine Implementation Task Force
- Dr. Jose Francois, Head of Department of Family Medicine (University of Manitoba) and Provincial Specialty Lead for Family Medicine (Shared Health)
- Dr. Alex Singer, Associate Professor and Director of Research and Quality Improvement with the Department of Family Medicine (University of Manitoba)
- Professor Michelle Driedger, a researcher specializing in vaccine hesitancy
- Ms. Allison Crolly, Doctors Manitoba
- Ms. Lisa Goss, Executive Director of the Manitoba College of Family Physicians.


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