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Egg Donation - What is a Known Egg Donor? ft. Leanne (6 times donor)
Check out this Live Webinar ft. experienced Egg Donor and Coordinator Leanne, as we discuss their role with My Surrogacy Journey and explain why Egg Donation has enriched Leanne's life. To hear more about what it's actually like being a Known Egg Donor, just this free fun webinar.

With more women and people coming forward, curious about egg donation, what motivates someone to donate their eggs.

What should you know?

How to approach surrogacy safely and why is support of an organisation important?

What even is Known Egg Donation, and why aren't clinics talking about them?

How does My Surrogacy Journey match donors?

What levels of counselling are available through My Surrogacy Journey?

Hear from a brand new donors, and why did they chose this pathway vs. anonymous donation via a clinic.

This is a live webinar with a full Q&A; either ask questions live or submit them in the chat.



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