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Financial Services Organisations: Are you data fit for the future? How to deliver data modernisation in the cloud.
Success in financial services is about the survival of the fittest, requiring the use of data to create competitive advantage, minimise risk, and roll out innovative products and game-changing customer experiences. This is being data fit.

Organisations are struggling to make relevant data available to ensure that appropriate customer and commercial info is located, processed and leveraged within modern data infrastructure. At Pure Storage, we believe the state of being data fit means organisations have the ability to take advantage of advanced data-driven applications, to protect data wherever it resides in the multi-cloud era, to react immediately to the data needs of their organisation, and to continuously drive data performance.

By attending this informative roundtable you will gain a better understanding of how your financial services organisation can solve the 3 big modernisation challenges being faced including:
1) How to prevent legacy systems inhibiting innovation
2) Fit for purpose data agility driving valuable insights
3) How to protect your data against misuse, loss, cyberattacks and disasters


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