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DigitalCFO Leadership Virtual Summit Thailand 2021
What is beyond Covid-19 for CFOs? Recent surveys have shown CFO optimism is on the rise and that they are preparing for moderate growth in 2021, and explosive growth in 2022. With markets expecting to grow much higher than the 25% who saw revenue increase back in September 2020 , and at least 32% expect revenue to increase by at least another 10% in 2021.

These results can be attributed to a less severe containment regime than last year, timely implementation of fiscal stimulus measures, and a recovery in exports as a result of trading partners’ growth. Even though reports show uneven economic growth across economic sectors and will be subject to risks and uncertainties, the Thai economy is expected to expand between 3- 4% next year.

In a post Covid-19 world, CFOs are gearing to reimagine the way they perform across various functions and remodel their processes to cut the costs of their general capital expenditures, reduce unplanned expenditures, and take advantage of artificial intelligence and information technology, as they face steep challenges to ensure business continuity through the right assessment and evaluation.

They will have to prioritize course corrections in their current business strategies and developments, and a shift in focus will likely result in a reduction in cost control measures, including investments and expansion.

In 2021, CFOs have learnt to create a faster, more flexible organization. This allows them to leverage the lessons they learned in the past and become more competitive and ultimately more profitable and now they are here to share.


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