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KS2 Science: Hands-On Science Webinars
Delving into Science in a relaxed and fun way for KS2 (also suitable for students transitioning to KS3). Some webinars have follow-along crafts of experiments. Check the info below for materials you may like to have to hand, or you can just watch along if you prefer.

Each term/block we follow a new theme. This term's theme was voted in for: "Future Focus: Climate Science".

20th Feb: Introduction: What is climate change? What is renewable energy? What about sustainability? No materials needed for this session.

27th Feb: Meet the Greenhouse Gases. Optional hands-on activity to make greenhouse gas model molecules, materials needed: cocktail sticks and some sweets you can poke them into, such as jelly tots or fruit pastels similar.

6th Mar: Understanding Air Pollution. Optional hands-on activity, materials needed: paper plate, a hole puncher or a pencil, string, and Vaseline. Also helpful: magnifying glass.

13th Mar: Exploring CO2 and Ocean Acidification. Optional hands-on experiment, materials needed: white vinegar, salt, tap water, and either sea shells or bits of egg shell.

20th mar: **no lesson this day (all rest of the week’s webinars/tutoring is on as usual)**

27th Mar: Understanding Rising Sea Levels. Optional hands-on experiment, materials needed: ice cubes, two Tupperware boxes, water, and playdoh or clay.

SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Adult supervision is required during all activities. I am unable to see or hear the children attending a webinar. I cannot supervise attendees. It is the responsibility of the guardian supervising the attendee to take necessary safety precautions when performing any experiment. eLearn with Amy shall not be held responsible for any damages, injuries, accidents or mishaps.
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