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Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup - Asia- Pacific

At this Bitcoin SV Meetup, we will catch up with a great line up of guest speakers from the Bitcoin SV ecosystem in Asia-Pacific. We will take a closer look at DotWallet’s BAAS platform and badge token protocol, compliance tools with Merkle Science, Tuvalu national ledger project and the recently launched Relay DEX & Run token protocol ecosystem.


Opening remarks – Ella Qiang - SE Asia Manager, Bitcoin Association

BA progress in China - Aaron Zhou, Technical Outreach Specialist for China, Bitcoin Association

BAAS Platform and badge token protocol - Lin Zheming - CEO, Mempool - (China)

Compliance Tools - Ian Lee, Associate Director Merkle Science (Singapore)

Tuvalu Project - Brendan Lee - CEO, Elas Digital (Australia) and George Sious Samuels, MD Faiā (Singapore)

Relay DEX & Run ecosystem - Jack Liu - Creator, RelayX (China)


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