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Stopping Online Predators - Youth Sex Trafficking, Social Media, and a COVID-19 world
Join us in our first webinar of our No Child for Sale prevention series: Stopping Online Predators - Youth Sex Trafficking, Social Media, and a COVID-19 world.

In this webinar we will hear from Celia Williamson, PhD. A nationally renowned voice, Executive Director of the Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute at the University of Toledo, and host of the podcast Emancipation Nation, Celia will share some recent work on Social Media and the impact on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

We will also hear from Gracehaven, Rahab Ministries, The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, She Has a Name, and other key coalition partners. Together they will share some insights from the field, what we can be doing to prevent this scourge, and resources parents and citizens can use in communities across Ohio. Join US!

We are in a unique time in history. Online exploitation and sexual trafficking of youth is a heinous crime that is poised for explosion due to a number of factors. We must ensure we bring awareness, education, and action NOW to protect our most vulnerable.

- Reports have shown as many as 500 million more people being pushed into poverty (United Nations),
- Un-monitored screen time for youth during the COVID-19 pandemic has increased exponentially (UNICEF)
- Youth with a lack face-to-face contact increase their online risk-taking (UNICEF)
- Children are being left without many of the social structures they have relied on
- Authorities are reporting increased online child porn during the COVID-19 pandemic

What does this all mean?

It means the risk factors for online Domestic Youth Sex Trafficking are all on the rise. It means we need to be more educated, more prepared, and more willing than ever to help our youth protect themselves.

Are you ready to help prevent a potential scourge? Learn how to help PREVENT sex trafficking from starting. Stop online predators in their tracks!

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