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AccessEngineering is a comprehensive digital library that combines world-renowned reference information with innovative tools to streamline productivity while focusing on technical proficiency. This award-winning engineering platform is your go-to resource for quality content across all engineering disciplines. This one-hour webinar will explore features and content available on AccessEngineering including:

• Finding the relevant information for civil engineering professionals
• Filtering options to narrow in on specific content types or even specific equations
• Dynamic handbooks, textbooks, and other reference titles
• Spreadsheet calculators to streamline complex engineering calculations and increase accuracy
• Integrated tools, such as interactive graphs, downloadable tables, and the DataVis material data visualization tool
• Instructional videos explaining how to solve real-world engineering problems
• Personalization features for managing information, including annotating and sharing content

Presenter: Ashley Weinheimer, MLIS, Customer Success Librarian for McGraw Hill Professional.

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Ashley Weinheimer, MLIS
Customer Success Librarian @McGraw Hill Professional
Prior to joining McGraw Hill, Ashley served as a STEM librarian at a variety of institutions, including an academic engineering library, a corporate R&D center library, and a public library. Ashley earned her MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.