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Navigating Change: Staying Resilient in a Challenging Space Industry Investment Environment
How can small businesses and start-ups navigate this tricky time investment-wise? Key players in the market come together to discuss the following topics:
· Maintaining a strong business and continuing attracting investment in a time of macro-economic uncertainty
· How to ensure small business and start-ups keep their head up in a challenging and diversifying environment: is vertical integration the answer? Should more businesses consolidate?
· How will SPACs evolve over the coming year and what does this mean for the space industry?
· Reasons to be cheerful: what are some of the key opportunities and options that investors, start-ups and small businesses alike can benefit from, based on the ‘invisible backbone’?

Confirmed Speakers:
· Moderator: Simon Potter, Head of Investment & Financial Consulting, BryceTech
· Ali Bagchesara – Founder & President, Plasmos
· Maureen Haverty – Vice President, Investment, Seraphim Space
· Mo Islam - Investor, Republic Capital and Co-founder, Payload

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Dec 6, 2022 09:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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