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Purpose-Driven Innovation - Technology as an Agent of Change
As a values-based company, WinWire believes in the power of technology to create positive change. We also believe that the best ideas are born from collaboration.

We invite Lars Rabbe, Senior Executive & CIO with experience in companies such as Skype, Intuit, Yahoo, Lucent Technologies, Fidelity Investments, Redback Networks, Octel Communications, and Maddie's Fund to our virtual fireside chat.

Lars discusses the importance of purpose-driven leadership & how to drive teams to make a difference and innovate. He will also highlight how to be an Agent of Change in the tech industry and what inspires him to give back to communities.


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Lars Rabbe
Partner, StrataFusion Group; Former CIO, Maddie’s Fund
Ashu Goel
CEO @WinWire