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How Large Format Metal AM Printers are Revolutionizing Mission-Critical Manufacturing
The race to space is taking off across the globe. As these companies look to meet their manufacturing milestones, they are increasingly looking to metal 3d printing. However, until recently, the options for large format printing have been limited to lower precision technologies like DED. For detailed and complex turbomachinery and regeneratively cooled combustion chambers, engineers require higher precision. Enter the age of large format Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF).

Velo3D’s Sapphire® XC 1MZ is built to enable a seamless transition of parts originally developed and qualified on the smaller format Sapphire®. With a cylindrical 600mm diameter x 1000mm build volume, the Sapphire® XC 1MZ is the largest printer available from a leading LPBF supplier. This unlocks a lower cost of production for many industries from aerospace and defense to energy and oil & gas. Most critically, for the space industry, it means larger rocket engines and a quicker time to market.

For this interactive session, moderated by Joris Peels of 3DPrint.com, we welcome Velo3D’s Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development Dr. Zach Murphree, and Director of Technical Sales, Gene Miller to discuss the benefits and applications of the Sapphire® XC 1MZ.

You’ll Learn:

- How larger build volumes, 6 additional 8 1-kilowatt lasers, and a faster non-contact recoater help increase throughput by up to 400%, decrease the time required between build layers and lower the cost of produced parts by up to 75%.

- What the largest LPBF build volume in the industry (600 mm Ø x 1,000 mm height) means for different applications.

- How to seamlessly transition from the Sapphire® or Sapphire® 1MZ to the Sapphire® XC or XC 1MZ with the same validated material properties.


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Dr. Zach Murphree
Vice President, Global Sales & Business Development @Velo3D
Zach Murphree is Velo3D’s VP of Global Sales & Business Development. His mission is to help customers enable their disruptive technologies through metal additive manufacturing. This includes defining the next generation of hardware and software through close alignment with customer and industry needs and working to commercialize and drive adoption of Velo3D’s manufacturing solution. As a trusted leader in the AM industry, Zach spends much of his time building collaborative partnerships and educating users about what’s achievable using the Velo3D solution. His background includes engineering roles for energy companies, where he oversaw introducing metal additive manufacturing technology to a Fortune 500 energy company. He earned Bachelor of Science and PhD degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas and has been granted more than 35 patents. Zach’s doctoral work was completed in hypersonic aerodynamics where he performed experimental investigation of shock wave boundar
Gene Miller
Director of Technical Sales @Velo3D
Gene Miller has held various high-level positions in foundry and process engineering. He joined Velo3D in 2016 as a process engineer, developing unique laser parameters for the company's flagship Sapphire 3D metal AM printer, and helped elevate Velo3D's SupportFree technology. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University
Joris Peels
Executive Editor / VP Consulting @3DPrint.com / SmarTech Analysis
Since 2017 Joris Peels has worked with 3DPrint.com, first as Editor-in-Chief, and now as Executive Editor. Joris is also VP Consulting, SmarTech Analysis, sister company of 3DPrint.com. Joris is a Netherlands-based 3D printing consultant for strategy, business development and marketing in Additive Manufacturing. Joris performs technical due diligence, market research and competitive analysis for consultants, analysts, multinationals, VC’s, PE and hedge funds. Joris has worked in 3D printing for more than a dozen years, for Shapeways, Materialise, Formlabs, Ultimaker, HP and others. Joris lives, eats, sleeps and dreams 3D Printing and tries to give a dose of realism and truth to the hype surrounding 3D printing.