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IP or Not IP during COVID times? Compulsory Licensing, IP Waivers & other initiatives
A discussion starting from the paper of Paola Dabbicco “IP role in COVID times: compulsory licensing, IP waivers, and other initiatives” on the role of IP rights and, more specifically, of patents, during COVID times​, with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry and COVID vaccines. They will also analyze possible alternatives to patents - when it comes to COVID vaccines - such as compulsory licensing and IP waivers that have been proposed in the past year.

- Paola Dabbicco: Lawyer specialized in IP, privacy and new technologies. Currently based in Milan, she is working for the Information Risk Management Team of KPMG.
- Dr. Claudia Tapia: President of 4iP Council and Director IPR Policy and Legal Academic Research at Ericsson. Claudia’s main responsibility at Ericsson is to lead the Research IP Policy’s team and its activities worldwide.

Oct 19, 2022 04:00 PM in Brussels

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