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uAchieve Planning + Audit = the Trusted Pathway to Graduation
You want to graduate students on time. They want a guided path through the clutter, trusting every course counts toward degree. Ultimately, your goals are the same—it’s just a matter of finding the right equation for everyone. The uAchieve Cloud system from CollegeSource is the proven, quantifiable answer. Our Planner allows students and advisors to create personalized term pathways that interactively validate with the uAchieve audit, visibly checking off requirements to graduation and illustrating progress toward degree. This combination of guidance backed by the most flexible audit system in the industry is why uAchieve currently serves over 2.7 million students throughout North America and Asia—regardless of size, educational niche, student information system, and system mandates.
The cloud also allows us to alleviate your IT department’s workload and provide additional services like Degree Discovery—a uAchieve function to uncover an exponential number of completed degrees or certificates by performing audits for every student against every program at your institution.
Join us to learn about uAchieve Cloud, see a demo, and get a preview of innovations to come!
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