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Benchmarking for Better SI Company Decision Making‎
How do you know if you are running a solid SI company? While everything always has room for ‎improvement, how do you establish realistic goals? During the current pandemic many SI companies ‎had to make many decisions. Did you benefit from learning what other SIs were doing?‎

During this moderated panel presentation, you will learn the benefits of regular (periodic) ‎benchmarking. ‎

• What and when do you use benchmarking data?‎
• What are your sources for benchmarking data?‎
• How can data sharing / participating in relevant group benchmarking programs improve the ‎data quality but also help you extract more value and gain better leverage from the data?‎
• Is it true that no data is ever perfect?‎
• What is the role of timely benchmarking through turbulent times?‎

If you are business owner – or someone who is interested in data-driven business decisions – this ‎presentation if for you.‎

Know someone who would benefit from the information in this session? Invite them to sign up – this ‎presentation is open to members and non-members.‎

Moderator: Bryan Powrozek, Senior Manager, Industrial Automation, ‎Clayton & McKervey

Panelists: Titus Crabb, Owner and ‎President of ‎Vertech Industrial ‎Systems and CSIA Benchmarking Committee Chair
Howard Huffman, President of Huffman ‎Engineering, Inc. ‎and former CSIA Board Member
Michael O'Shaughnessey, ‎CEO of iLumen‎

Dec 8, 2021 10:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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