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Models of Care: Learning from each other Webinar series
On Wednesday the 25th of January, Ionela Petrea will host a webinar on models of care in community mental health. This seminar will focus on successful examples of implementing community-based models of care, looking into how they are designed and delivered in a number of countries. Drawing on their achievements and the challenges they encountered, we will seek to learn from their experiences and get inspired by their impetus for change.
The main focus of the webinar will be on 'Mental health in the community: an example of a french service in Lille, France, recognized by WHO as a good practice' presented by our friends from Lille.

A whole system approach for community-based services development and networking: from WHO recommendations to a French practice. A Mental service oriented by and for Recovery.
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Laurent Defromont
Psychiatrist, Head of the mental health service
Nicolas Daumerie
Community Psychologist