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Engineering Judgement – a Critical Component in the Art of Pavement Design by Dr Bryan Pidwerbesky, Technical Director – Pavements & Laboratories, Fulton Hogan
The AUSTROADS Guide to Pavement Technology and the Waka Kotahi Rehab guide and specifications provide a wealth of background and theory for an engineer to design a pavement. However, best practice in pavement design and engineering requires not only the final output from the AUSTROADS design guide, Waka Kotahi Rehab guide and specifications, and CIRCLY computer analysis but also considers engineering judgement, materials knowledge, experience and practicalities of construction.

The purpose of the presentation is to trigger the attendees to think about the ‘art’ of pavement design and the importance of applying engineering judgement in order to achieve the optimum solution for a given situation, including taking into account local materials, client’s budget constraints, construction capabilities and performance requirements.


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