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National Fire Protection Association - CO Resources
The final lecture in our 2022-23 season, we are excited to be joined by Kelly Ransdell, Regional Director for the South-Central US (covering North Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee) at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Kelly works to expand fire and burn education, expand code and standards adoption and works with national organisations, state agencies, and local fire departments to enhance their overall educational programs.

Over the last few years, the CO Research Trust has been building links with Fire Service professionals in the US to understand their approach to community risk reduction, and especially how education, awareness and research/data is used to prevent and minimise CO exposure. The NPFA is a key player in this area and have a wealth of knowledge and resources which are shared freely on their website.

Kelly presented at an international fire services roundtable which was chaired by Craig Drinkald, CO Lead at the National Fire Chief’s Council and the feedback from her presentation was so positive we invited
Kelly to share her work again and give a wider audience the opportunity to attend.

The lecture will be of interest to fire service professionals, especially those working in community risk reduction and prevention, all first responders and agencies who have a role in CO prevention and visit peoples’ homes, organisations who work with vulnerable stakeholder groups, and anyone who is interested in finding out how they might improve the way that they approach CO exposure.


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