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Animate Companionship: Literature and Education
In this exposure, Pauline Sameshima, Lara Okihiro and Aparna Mishra Tarc consider literature as a companionship for thought and for our engagements with education by creating a conversation between a poet, a children’s book author and a writer on the profound role of literary language in engaging childhood, knowledge, and worlds. Starting with the premise that literature and the arts can enable inventive practices that seek out alternative narratives in education, the panelists will discuss how literary language and texts can serve as companions for thinking. This exposure asks: What kind of spaces does literature create? How might literature enrich and unsettle our ways of thinking and being in education? What creative forms might literature offer? How might literature events make us think? How might literature enable us to ask different questions about education and educational experiences? What sensitivities might literature offer us? By thinking with these questions, each panelist will discuss their work with literary language in educational contexts and forums.

Mar 30, 2023 06:00 PM in Vancouver

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