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What About Cannabis - Substance Abuse, the Professional, and Cases in the Field
More than half the states have now decriminalized, permitted medicinal use, or legalized the recreational use of cannabis, including California. While some lawyers are gearing up to represent new businesses and others are looking at the policy questions surrounding regulation of the drug, most of us have questions and suffer from misinformation. With insights provided by some of the top mediators handling Cannabis disputes, this webinar will examine both the substance abuse considerations surrounding cannabis, and real-life litigation growing out of this budding industry.

Oct 6, 2021 12:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Hon. Jacqueline Connor
Neutral @ADR Services, Inc.
Judge Connor has been a judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court for 25 years before retiring in 2012 and is now working exclusively in the mediation and arbitration field. She is committed to resolving disputes and keeping parties out of court, particularly with the increasing costs and risks generated by the covid shutdown and uncontrolled internet access by factfinders. Her expertise in the field of jurors, as a leader in the country, has led to numerous innovations in the area of jury trials, and has led to substantive discussions about the change in jury trials with the new dominating demographic of internet savvy jurors. She has developed creative solutions for this new world of dispute resolution both in person, remotely and with combinations of both options, calling on 45 years of professional involvement at all levels. She is a frequent public speaker, and is a co-faculty member for Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law School. Her areas of expertise inclu
Hon. James Lambden
Neutral @ADR Services, Inc,
Hon. James Lambden brings to his ADR practice nearly four decades of experience as a trial lawyer, trial court judge and Associate Justice of the California Court of Appeal. During his 14 years as a trial lawyer he represented clients throughout the state in cases involving construction, commercial contracts, torts, secured transactions, employment, insurance and real estate. His clients ranged from wind farm start-ups to international corporations such as Merck and Co. His 7 years as a trial judge included more than 4 years presiding over a master civil law and motion calendar averaging 25 to 30 hearings each day. During this assignment he also briefed the presiding judge weekly regarding the settlement prospects of the cases coming up for trial. In his other civil assignments he managed the Fast Track calendar and successfully settled dozens of cases scheduled for jury trials; and he tried to verdict many others. Since becoming a full time neutral with ADR Services, Inc. in 2013, Jus
Mitchell Tarighati, Esq.
Neutral @ADR Services, Inc.
Mitchell M. Tarighati, Esq. is a seasoned mediator with an exceptional track record of settled cases. Mr. Tarighati has been engaged in dispute resolution work since 2012, resolving cases with complex issues by diplomatically and patiently bridging the divide between the parties. His unwavering work ethic, personable demeanor, and passion for results have all contributed to his reputation among his peers, the plaintiff’s and defense bars, and insurance industry professionals as an extremely effective neutral. Mr. Tarighati draws upon a lifetime of diverse experiences and a unique multicultural perspective to resolve the disputes he mediates. His interpersonal skills are well-known, with colleagues commending him on his respectful and patient approach, friendly disposition, and ability to connect with clients of different backgrounds. He has limited his mediation practice to the areas of law in which he has extensive litigation experience - Personal Injury, Employment, and Real Estate.