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Cyber Risk Assessments: The Ultimate Webinar NIST Cyber Security Framework
Cyber Risk Assessments – The Ultimate Webinar!

Q: What happens when you take the most effective cyber security framework in the world and combine it with the world’s best cyber risk framework assessment tool?

A: You get synergy, you get “CyberPrism Audit”

CyberPrism Audit (CPA) is a new solution offering from CRI Cyber Risk International, those cyber security gurus who brought the world the award winning CyberPrism Enterprise (CPE) solution www.CyberPrism.com

So what is the magic with CPA CyberPrism Audit? CyberPrism Audit CPA is a streamlined approach for organisations of any size, sector or complexity to efficiently perform a cyber risk assessment based on the NIST Cyber Security Framework. This can be performed on any internal scope/business context or indeed across your supply chain. This low cost, SaaS solution can fast track organisations to an understanding of their current cyber risk profile, immediately delivering dashboards, evidence and reports to support an appropriate maturity roadmap. All this with the comfort that your support is coming from the world class cyber security and risk team at CRI.

So Why is this the Ultimate Webinar on Cyber Risk Assessments?

In under 60 mins, Paul C Dwyer CEO of Cyber Risk International will walk you through how to assess, implement and operationalise a cyber security framework in your organisation based on the NIST Cyber Security Framework. This will also involve showcasing some unique ground breaking features CRI have developed around analysing risk from various cyber threat vectors.

For example, upon completion of an assessment would you like to know how susceptible you are to a Ransomware attack? All this and more, in the webinar.

This session will be highly educational and will leverage CyberPrism Audit (CPA) to demonstrate the benefits of this approach. Those interested in knowing more about the NIST CSF will benefit from this webinar as it is NOT just a “product demo”, it is a real chance to understand the

Jul 12, 2022 11:00 AM in Dublin

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