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IPCC AR7 - El papel del IPCC en los procesos científico-políticos / “IPCC AR7 - The role of the IPCC in science-policy processes”
The IPCC is finishing its Sixth Assessment cycle and starting the pathway toward the Seventh Assessment Report (AR7). Based on the three working groups – WG1: The Physical Science Basis, WG2: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability, and WG3: Mitigation of Climate Change, the IPCC provides policymakers with rigorous and relevant science-based information related to climate change. This session will focus on providing information governments need to know to nominate authors and take part in the discussions, so that they can better understand how the IPCC engages in science-policy processes and the importance of addressing underrepresentation in IPCC authors (by region and gender)

Con interpretación inglés-español
With English-Spanish interpretation

Paola Andrea Arias Gomez - ANDEX
Sherilee Harper - PLOS Climate - IPCC
Mercy Borbor - ESPOL

Dec 8, 2022 01:00 PM in Montevideo

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