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The EC Waxapalooza Education - Brows to Brazilian: An Intro To Mens & Womens Waxing presented by Naturaverde Pro
In this class presented by Naturaverde Pro educator Elise Agostinelli you will learn:

-Increase your confidence, learn basic skills, and advanced tips and tricks for all your body waxing services, including male and female clients.
-We’ll cover client consultation & contraindications for all forms of hair removal.
-Class will include treatment room setup and body positioning for both client and waxer.
-Whether it is brows, arms, back, legs or Brazilian waxing, this class will cover proper -NaturaverdePro wax selection to ensure thorough hair removal with noticeably less discomfort, application and removal techniques.
-Learn how to maximize client satisfaction, and demonstrations of various body waxing scenarios.
-Learn tips and tricks to increase service and sales and how to market your new business


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