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ON DEMAND: Back to Basics: Anal Sex Hacks for Beginners and Pros
Full of nerves and right around the corner from the G-spot or prostate, the anus is an erogenous zone brimming with pleasure potential.

You just need to know how to harness it.

Enter: Kinkly and Serena Red!

This webinar is designed to bring you right back to the ass play essentials. Whether you're a DATO pro, a milking maestro or have no idea what either of those terms mean (but want to learn!), this is the event for you!

Join us as we cover:

- Misconceptions about anal sex
- Safe sex and consent
- How to prepare for anal sex
- Rimming and analingus
- Tools and techniques for anal sex

Dec 31, 2023 11:00 AM in Edmonton

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Serena Red
Content Creator and BDSM/Kink Educator
Serena Red is a content creator, BDSM and kink educator, blogger and self-proclaimed slut with a no-bullshit approach towards sex and relationships. She enjoys helping people find rhythms that work for them within kink, sex and love, taking artistic nude and lewd pictures and creating open, upfront, judgement-free relationships with her audience. You can support Serena's work by subscribing to @hotredheadnextdoor on OnlyFans and reading her blog posts at hotredheadnextdoorblog.com and on FetLife. You can also keep up with Serena by following @hotredheadnextdoor Reddit and TikTok and @hotrednextdoor on Twitter and Instagram.