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Buying a Home for Single Parents with 2% Deposit
Did you know that the Australian government has introduced a scheme as part of the 2021 budget which allows single parents to buy a home with just a 2% deposit? That’s tiny!

If you didn’t know then you are not alone. Sadly there has been very little in the news about this.

That's why we are bringing you this webinar where we will be discussing the following:

- THE BIG PROBLEM: Housing affordability and difficult saving for a traditional 10% or 20% deposit and getting stuck on the rental merry-go-round.

- THE NEW BIG OPPORTUNITY: The new 2% deposit home loans currently available allowing single parents to buy a home with just a little bit more than the average tax return.

- THE NUTS & BOLTS: Examples of how this can be applied to building a new home, buying off the plan or buying a newly completed home/apartment.

We will talk through the steps of buying a property and what the final cash flow positions may look like based on typical scenarios so you can see what is possible.

- LONG TERM BENEFITS: Evaluate the long-term benefits of homeownership for financial security and as a stepping stone to property investment.

We will also feature an inspirational female guest speaker, Loredanna Mazzullo, who will talk about her journey to financial empowerment through real estate.


Loredanna's Bio

Loredana has been investing in property for over 20 years and is passionate about women’s financial independence.

Starting by buying a small unit in Redfern back in the 1990’s, she has bought and sold more than 25 properties and has a portfolio of 10+ properties today.

Loredana believes that financial independence is something that we can all achieve, irrespective of background, occupation or education.

When we are motivated to achieve a goal and committed, there is always a way! Determined to write a book on how easy it is to buy a property and inspire other women to achieve financial independence, Loredana will share her journey.


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